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Celebrate This Diwali Vacation at Gujarat 3 years ago

Diwali is one of the most important festivals of India. All Indian citizens celebrate the Diwali for two to five days, but in Gujarat the celebrations can go up long celebration. Every other state of India has holidays either on the main day of Diwali or maybe a day after or before Diwali festival, but in Gujarat, it is five days of holidays with for celebrate a festival of lights. Gujarat makes Diwali is in unique way is that Gujarat announces an official five- day holiday to bring in the festivities with a bang and happily. Image Text

Long Celebration Of Diwali Festivals In Gujarat Days Are Mentioned Here -

Day 1 - Agyaras

Day 2 - Vaak Baras

Day 3 - Dhanteras

Day 4 - Kaali Chaudash

Day 5 - Lakshmi Puja

Day 6 - Bestu Varas

Day 7 - Bhai Beej

Day 8 - Labh Pancham

Day 9 - Kartik Poornima

Spend Diwali 2016 Vacation at Kutch -

Gir and Kutch are two ends of a large state and may be taxing in travelling with a young one. The district of Kutch occupies around 24% of the total area of Gujarat and is second largest district in India after Leh.

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If you are making plans for a Kutch tour during Diwali, you have chosen the right place for celebration. Kutch is the only district in India where four distinct ecosystems (Desert, Coastal, Grassland and Upland) exists within a span of 100 KMs.

The Rann of Kutch is a unique and largest seasonal wetland of its type in India without any counterparts elsewhere in the world. Kutch is not only famous for the white land but also the traditional things of Gujarat.

Kutch attracts not only nature lovers but also those interested in handicrafts, textiles, religious and pilgrimage sites. The Bandhani works on colorful fabric are famous by kutchi people from Banni, Anjar, Khavda, Rapar and Bhuj area.

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