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Best Travel Tips Traveling in Jaipur? 3 years ago

Jaipur is known as pink city of India. Jaipur is a traditional city where you can see various kind ancient art o painting on walls. Jaipur city walls are paint with pink color. So Jaipur is known as pink city of India. Jaipur has lots of places to visit. Every tourist are come to visit Jaipur they have to be aware from many things. These things is harmful for every tourist.

Choose Jaipur sightseeing tour packages for travelling in Jaipur. If are out of hotel you have to worry about lots of things that is dangerous for you. Jaipur has the heart of the Thar desert which has shaped its history. Jaipur is a royal place with rich in heritage, architecture and culture. Jaipur is ideal tourist destination because every year lots of tourists are come to visit this city. Jaipur city is crowed with tourist . Every tourist has be aware from strangers. Here is we give you all some tips for how to travel and explore in Jaipur.

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Be Flexible - Patience is extremely important when you are travel in Jaipur.

Make a List - Make your list what you have to take in tour before one week of travelling. If you don't learn this long time then you need to write it down.

Learn Local Language - Every tourist have to learn about some local language at-least simple that you are use in daily conversation.

Don’t Forget an Extra Camera Battery - You have to carry a extra camera battery in your bag . Because you click lots of memorable moment so you have a extra battery for camera you have not stop click your moment.

Always Bring a Sarong - Sarongs can be used as a wrap when you are cold, a towel. Solid colors are great.

Always Buy Travel Insurance - When you travel one country to anthers always buy a travel insurance for you and your family. This is on of the safest way to travel.

Take Extra Cash - When you are travel or out of house you have to extra cash in your pocket because no one known what is next point is come how to we react this.

Stay Hydrated on Planes - Take extra bottle of water in your bag . Take a sip of water after some minutes, because your body need water. You have to hydrate your body.

Put Your Room Number & Hotel Address in Your Phone - When you are stay in hotel you have to know about all about hotel. You have to remember about hotel address or phone number or. Write a note in phone with address of hotel and phone number also carry your room key in your bag.

Beware of Free Public WIFI - When you alert by a massage of free wife never connect your phone or laptop with anonymous network. Never be login your bank account with WiFi network.

  1. Meet Local People
  2. Pre-plan Your Outfits
  3. Take Lots Of Photos
  4. Pack Ear Plugs
  5. Don’t Be Afraid
  6. Don’t Plan Too Much
  7. Pack Extra Underwear
  8. Make Photocopies of Important Documents